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Retinology is a specialty within the discipline of ophthalmology and focuses on the rear part of the eye. Retinology involves the detection and treatment of disorders of the retina, including the choroid and the vitreous body. The retina is an important part of the eye. The retina has a complex structure that enables your brain to recognise incoming light beams as "images". All diseases of the retina are painless, because the retina has no pain fibres. The alarm signal (pain) does not trigger and therefore does not help in detecting a disease of the retina at an early stage. Changes in the eye, or changes in the quality of vision, should therefore be checked particularly closely and regularly monitored. The treatment of retinal disease may entail surgical, drug or laser-assisted treatment. If you are affected as a patient, intensive care is required.

The main diseases of the retina include:

Diabetic retinopathy

Age-related macular degeneration

Retinal detachment

Vascular occlusions

Vitreous haemorrhages

Epiretinal gliosis

Retinal dystrophies

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