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Thread lifting

Thread lifting

Thread lifts for a fresher facial look - 
More volume and contour improvement

The thread lift is a new innovative method in the field of facial rejuvenation. This is a particularly gentle method for toning facial skin without the need for surgery and a scalpel. Using a local anaesthetic and without making an incision, specially developed ultra-thin medical threads are inserted into the deeper connective tissue under the skin, using thin cannulas. This procedure helps to support and lift the skin. The special structure of the thread allows it to anchor deeply into the sagging tissue by means of pulling and tensioning. The threads consist of naturally resorbable polydioxanone (PDO) and are completely broken down by the body after 12-18 months.
Thread lifts have an immediate visible effect. The immediate tightening effect of the thread lift is brought about by structured threads which the doctor can use to shape or lift sagging areas. Its long-term smoothing and skin-rejuvenating effect is due to the targeted stimulation of the connective tissue and the skin. This effect increases steadily over the following months. This is explained by the fact that while the thread degrades, the body incorporates the natural structural protein collagen instead of the thread. Minimal interventions mean that recovery times are fast. Side effects, such as swellings and minor bruises at the puncture sites, disappear a few days after the thread lift depending on the individual’s predisposition.

Treatment options:

- Tightening of the lower (sagging cheeks) and upper cheek region.
- Tightening of the upper neck
- Tightening the creases of the cheeks
- Tightening the fine folds of the lower eyelids
- Tightening the folds of the upper lip
- Raising the corner of the mouth
- Raising the eyebrows

Benefits of thread lifts:

- Immediately visible tightening effect
- Thread material optimally compatible
- Thread material biocompatible and degradable
- Stimulation of collagen formation
- Can be combined with hyaluronic acid
- Treatment can be repeated without any problem

Some brief information about thread lifts:

Anaesthesia: local
Treatment: outpatient
Duration of treatment: approximately 30-60 minutes
Effect: immediately or 8-12 weeks depending on the type of thread
Recovery period: 1-3 days
Able to resume normal social activities: after 3-6 days
Able to resume sporting activities: after 3 weeks

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