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Advice on contact lenses

Advice on contact lenses

You have decided to wear contact lenses. You have chosen a visual aid that is invisible and of high quality. Contact lenses magnify the field of view, do not distort as glasses do and do not fog if there is a sudden change in the weather or if it is humid. The list of benefits of contact lenses is as long as the number of lenses available today.

Contact lenses must be carefully adapted. Your eye specialist will carry out a thorough examination of your eyes and will then choose from a varied range of lenses the right lenses that are suitable for your eyes and eye type. Contact lenses correct your visual defects. Nowadays, contact lenses can correct far-sightedness, short-sightedness (multifocal lenses) and also corneal curvatures (toric lenses). You do not need glasses, which are sometimes inconvenient and annoying.

You can usually wear your contact lenses throughout the day. The higher the quality of the lenses, the longer your lenses can remain in your eyes, i.e. even overnight. However, caution should be exercised. There are contact lenses designed for extended wear. These contact lenses are only suitable for very healthy eyes and only special lens materials are used. Your eye specialist can tell you if this new way of wearing contact lenses is suitable for you. We will be pleased to advise you.

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