Dr. med. Claudius Lachmann


Dr. med. Claudius Lachmann

Specialist in ophthalmology

Key areas of specialism:
Ophthalmology, retinology, laser treatment
Sports ophthalmology, Advice on contact lenses

Specialists in Aesthetic Medicine,
Wrinkle treatment & Skin rejuvenation,
Volumetry & Face beautification.

Latest therapy forms, so-called MD-Codes ™ to Dr. Mauricio de Maio

Certified member for botulinum toxin and filler (DGBT)


The German Association of Ophthalmologists (DOG)
The German Association of Ophthalmic Surgeons (BDOC)~
The German Professional Association of Eye Specialists (BVA)
The German Botox Association (DGBT)

During his student years, Dr. Lachmann worked at the ENT clinic in Trier (the teaching hospital of the University of Mainz). Under the tutelage of senior consultant Dr. Peter Schwerdtfeger, Dr. Lachmann soon acquired considerable surgical knowledge in the area of plastic facial surgery, head, throat and tumour surgery. He then expanded his surgical knowledge during his internship in ophthalmology. While working as a specialist physician at the Diakonissen hospital in Karlsruhe, he performed more than 1,800 operations in different areas of the eye, including more than 1,355 cataract operations. While working as a specialist physician, he acquired extensive knowledge and assisted in numerous operations in the area of ​​corneal laser treatment, so-called Lasik operations. Dr. Lachmann gained extensive knowledge in the area of diagnostics and laser treatment in the field of retinology. Dr. Lachmann obtained his doctorate with "Cum Laude" after completing key scientific work in the area of drug treatment of glaucoma following neodymium-YAG laser treatment. After working for a short period as a senior physician in Karlsruhe, he settled in Flörsheim as a specialist in ophthalmology. Besides the work he carries out in his practice, Dr. Lachmann is active in clinical research.

Dr. Lachmann attends numerous professional and further training courses at regional and interregional congresses both in Germany and abroad. These cover the areas of ophthalmology, plastic eyelid surgery and aesthetic medicine.

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